Best 65-inch TVs in 2018 Reviews

1. Samsung Q9FN (65Q9FN)
Samsung Electronics UN65MU8000 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV
After an overwhelming debut, Samsung's QLED technology needed to be back in style in 2018. It is not surprising that Samsung found a new sink in the kitchen sink using the new 4K TV Q9FN QLED series.

Not only is it brighter and brighter than last year's model, Samsung's 2018 flagship screen uses a totally different lighting system than the headlight contrast. Edge illumination Full array local dimming, not LED lighting. The FALD panel works with the Samsung QLED Quantum to create brighter, more brilliant color photos than those provided by Korean manufacturers.

Can Samsung Q9FN be the best 4K TV on the market with only these functions? no. However, please introduce technologies such as HDR10 + and Q HDR. EliteMax - What Samsung demands from the exclusive, top-of-the-range dynamic experience for Q9FN - there is no doubt that this is Samsung's best TV.

2. Sony Bravia X900F

Superior motion processing Excellent contrast HDDR is not the sharpest. The remote control does not feel like a premium.
The short and sweet 65X900F is a brilliant low-end 4K TV. All of the improvements in Sony's excellent X900E series (improved processing, brightness, slight backlight dimming area, and improved motion performance), which Sony has introduced last year, provide products that provide a quality that makes a lot of expensive TVs humble.

Its Android TV system and some generally minor backlit blurs have prevented it from reaching perfection, but it's hard to imagine that a similarly priced 65-inch UHD competitor will get better.

3. TCL 6 series (R615, R617)

If you have a checkbook full of checks if you have deep checks and checkers, you will be guided to the deepest place for only the best 4K TV on the market, such as LG's slim thin OLED W8 or Samsung's ultra-fast Q9FN QLED. But it is not always realistic. The vast majority of people investing in 4K UHD TV is limited to less than $ 1,000, often far less.

It is absolutely good to say that the TCL 6 series is the best TV you can get at this price point. The performance per dollar is unmatched, and despite the slightest flaws, the picture quality is really impressive.

4. Sony BRAVIA A1E

Gorgeous picture quality Provides innovative sound and excellent sound. It is not very bright. Android TV is cluttered.
If you have the money to make money, the 55A1 and A1 OLED series entertains the 4K TV crowd in almost every way. Their 'photo-only' design is beautifully realized and managed subtle and dramatic. Their vibrating screen offers a much more powerful and effective sound performance than I thought.

The real star of the show here is the elaborate, delicate, rich and colorful painting of the A1. These emphasize what we have long suspected. More brands using 4K UHD OLED technology can lead to good stuff.


Stunning picture quality and beautifully designed operating system Excellent game features Improved game potential Picture in shopping cart Noise LCD brightness and LCD shortage
Pushing the hardware capabilities of current OLED screen technology as far as possible, LG turned its attention to software that drives this screen in 2018. This focus has surprisingly impressive results, many improvements and even eliminations. Already amazing 4K OLED Of the residuals associated with 2017 of the set

The OLED65E8 lost some acoustical footprint from its predecessor, and this year there was intense competition from Samsung's new Q9FN flagship LCD TV. However, all the growing army of OLED fans have probably made OLED65E8 the best OLED 4K LG TV.
Best 65-inch TVs in 2018 Reviews